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BC Bike Race 2020: “We Are Mountain Bikers”

BC BIke Race We Are Mountain Bikers

Mountain bikers have a proclivity for chasing extremes, pushing limits and pursuing “epic.” One form this search takes is pushing our own physical limits over long distances. At BC Bike Race, seven days of intense singletrack racing deliver all the challenges anyone could want. But who is taking this challenge?

In We Are Mountain Bikers, Robin Munshaw looks at the wide range of people and personalities lining up for BC Bike Race in 2019. The characters are as diverse as their reasons for taking on such an imposing challenge. Some have goals for doing well in the race. Others are riding to prove to themselves that they can finish the race.

It’s not all suffering, though. We Are Mountain Bikers also explores the connections that form between riders. Helping each other through the lows, and to celebrate the highs, creates a bond between riders that lasts well past the final BC Bike Race finish line.

Watch We Are Mountain Bikers and get motivated to chase your own trail goals in 2020.

BC Bike Race – We Are Mountain Bikers

From BC Bike Race:

BC Bike Race is an ambitious feat for many of the 600 participants that attend annually. In 2019, 38 countries attended the 13th running of the event and the latest incarnation of the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience.”

From super successful professional athletes engaging in aggressive battles for the title, all the way back to those who have never raced a mountain bike before – and everything in between –  BC Bike Race is seven big days of burly singletrack, it is like an all you can eat buffet of what mountain bikers dine on, but mountain biking has a different meaning for everyone.

We Are Mountain Bikers is a short film by Robin Munshaw, shot on location in the amazing communities and on the hand built trails the 2019 racers experienced. “This film celebrates the diversity of our MTB culture and highlights the inclusive nature of our group.  At the end of the day, it’s not what you do, but how you do it that matters”, said Robin Munshaw.

The 2020 bike season is just around the corner, we invite you to kick back, grab your favorite beverage and draw some inspiration for your adventures ahead”