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BC Bike Race unveils first part of new 2021 plan

"Showcase" five-part mini-series starts in B.C.'s Fraser Valley

BCBR Showcase Episode 1 - Chilliwack Photo by: Dave Silver

Last week, BC Bike Race announced it had a new plan for the seven-day mountain bike stage race. Details were sparse, beyond announcing that 2021 race registration is now open. Now, the new-look BCBR is unveiling, piece by piece, over the five part Showcase series, starting in Chilliwack.

The Fraser Valley is home to several incredible riding zones. While often overshadowed or overlooked for the more notorious trails of the nearby North Shore, Chilliwack’s caches of sweet singletrack have a personality all their own.

Set above the scenic Cultus Lake, Vedder Mountain is an instant favorite to anyone that has sampled the dirt there. Dig into Episode on of The Showcase and find out the secret behind what makes Vedder so good.

BC Bike Race is scheduled for July 4-10, 2021. Backup dates are already in place for Sept. 12-18, to help any visitors planning on traveling from away.

Showcase Episode 1 – Chilliwack

What is BC Bike Race saying about The Showcase ?

This is The Showcase Episode 1 of a five part mini-series. We hope you enjoy the visuals, the dialogue and the small feeling of human interactions as much as we did. Even though the future still remains a bit grey we believe there is so much positivity and optimism in even the smallest of gestures. We hope this series keeps you inspired and motivated.

In March, 2020 the world as we know it slowed to a grinding halt. BC Bike Race and many other events around the world were forced to delay and or cancel. BCBR chose to delay until September, by the time that date rolled around things were once again different, maybe more hopeful, but the world was still in a flux and this event was not going to happen for 2020.

BC Bike Race as an events company needs to practice its vocation – logistics, organization and capture – so BCBR decided to conduct a rehearsal of the 2021 course, and call it The Showcase.

The Showcase is a five part mini-series, that will offer up a preview of the 2021 route. This mini-series will share the experience and stories of six athletes: Felix Burke, Katerina Nash, Florence Dostie-Menard, Sandra Walters, Karsten Madsen and Geoff Kabush and include a number of other amazing community personalities.

The Showcase is aimed to capture the bizarre and strange experience that 2020 delivered, to a lost season and then right back to the indomitable spirit of communities and athletes as they come together to look to the future, to focus on the positive and reflect back on where we have come from to where we are going.

Video: Wildland Media

BC Bike Race – The Showcase

2021 Intro
Episode 1