Bear chases bikers down N. Van’s Seymour Mountain

Rider catches high-pressure pursuit on video

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Three riders in North Vancouver got more excitement than they bargained for when a black bear chased them for nearly a kilometre during their ride.

The trio were riding TNT, a trail on Seymour mountain, on September 27. As they started the trail,  they spotted a bear coming towards them. North Vancouver’s trails are already notoriously hard. Riding them clean is hard enough, never mind with the pressure of a bear following behind.

When the bear continued to follow them down the trail, the riders stopped, remained (mostly) calm, and waited for the wild animal to move on.

This trail is not far from a road, on the upper section of the Seymour trail network. It is always a good idea to be prepared for wildlife encounters any time you go out into the woods.

Most interactions with wildlife can end safely, if the humans involved react appropriately. If you want to brush up on bear safety best practices before your next ride, check out Parks Canada’s tips for dealing with bears of all kinds. (Which, coincidentally, also features a picture of a bear eyeing up a cyclist…)

For now, NSMBA is asking riders to steer clear of the nearby area on Seymour.

The video starts at 0:36, after Single Track Rider’s intro segment:

More information on safely coexisting with wildlife:

North Shore Black Bear Society

More information on the Seymour temporary trail closures:

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