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Bernard Kerr gives first sneak-peak of Red Bull Hardline Maydena course

Absolutely massive stuff

Red Bull is expanding its Hardline series outside the U.K. for the first time this year, landing in Maydena, Tasmania later this month. With a new venue comes a new course. And, when your whole concept is larger-than-life courses, that means making sure the new venue actually works before the best riders in the world line up in the start hut.

Bernard Kerr, past Hardline winner, is among the riders Red Bull tapped to test out the new Maydena course. He shared vide of himself absolutely sprinting into a massive container-top road gap online.

If Kerr is pedalling and pulling that hard for a road gap, you know its absolutely huge in person.

The Pivot Factory Racing boss is in Tasmania testing the jumps with a few big hitters brought in by Red Bull to make sure the massive line works. David McMillan and the insanely stylish Kaos Seagrave are also part of the ginuea pig crew.