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BMX meets MTB in “This and That” ft. Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle

All the style all the time on all the bikes

Danny MacAskill Kriss Kyle this and that Photo by: Danny MacAskill YouTube

What happens when two iconic riders from different disciplines meet up? Trials legend Danny MacAskill and BMX star Kriss Kyle do just that for This and That.

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The two have worked together before, on Kyle’s outstanding Out of Season. For This and That, MacAskill and Kyle have a broader vision. All kinds of bike, but always stylish. The two ride everything from mountain bikes in the woods to street spots, on a trials bike and BMX. With two very different perspectives on the same spots, it’s clear just how talented  both are.

Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle – This and That

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Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle – “This and That” – Presented by Endura

After a frustrating few months of making and cancelling projects it was amazing to finally get back on the road with my good friend and BMX legend Kriss Kyle. In six days we managed to squeeze in a whole lot of riding on the Mountain Bikes as well as the Trials Bike and BMX and had a lot of fun along the way.