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Brage Vestavik takes a massive crash at Red Bull Rampage

Carson Storch out of Friday's finals

Brage Vestavik Red Bull Rampage 2021 Photo by: Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull Content Pool

The final practice day at Red Bull Rampage saw three more big crashes. One, Brage Vetavik’s heavy slam after an absolutely massive drop. Cam Zink broke a frame attempting a big back flip, but is cleared to ride on Friday. Carson Storch’s crash, though, has taken the Oregon rider out of contention for Friday’s finals.

It’s not the first big crash this year. Andreu Lacondeguy is already out of this year’s event after a hitting the deck hard earlier in the week.

Brage Vestavik’s outsized drop

Brage Vestavik, known as the Viking for his Norwegian roots and burly riding style, arrived in Utah as one of the most hotly anticipated Rampage debuts. Vestavik made a huge impression with his X-Games Real MTB segment earlier this year, which featured a wild mix of technical moves and huge features. His no-holds-barred riding style saw him walk away with the Fan Favourite voting in Real MTB.

Vestavik looks to be building a line in the same spirit as his Real MTB segment. Huge moves and a much less polished approach than some of the Rampage veterans.

While testing out the biggest feature on his line, a drop measured in excess of 45 vertical feet, the Viking came up just short and slammed hard. Vestavik has since withdrawn from Friday’s finals.

Brett Tippie, freeride legend and pioneer in his own right, talks through the details of Brage’s line.

Carson Storch crashes out

Vestavik wasn’t the only rider hitting the deck hard on the last day of practice. U.S. rider Carson Storch took a heavy hit trying his own massive drop on Thursday. Storch broke a collarbone in the fall and won’t be riding on Friday.

Red Bull has a run through the rest of Storch’s line. Unfortunately, we won’t get the chance to see him ride it this year.

Cam Zink’s close call

Cam Zink is no stranger to Red Bull Rampage. The American freeride veteran first won the contest back in 2010. Zink took a heavy hit attempting a back flip on Thursday. Again, Tippie caught the crash. Zink’s followed up with an update saying he’s been cleared to ride on Friday by doctors. His crew are building up a new bike, since the crash cracked his frame and destroyed a wheel.

Zink’s full post-crash update: