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Brandon Semenuk wants to redefine slopestyle in “Realm”

Big plans - and viewer voting - for the 10th anniversary of Red Bull Joyride

Brandon Semenuk Realm Photo by: Toby Cowley / Red Bull Content Pool

Over its 10 year history, Red Bull Joyride has witnessed many historic moments in mountain biking. Brandon Semenuk’s corked 720 in 2014. Emil Johansson’s double trick driver down whip in 2019. The Whistler slopestyle event has set the stage for a constant evolution of what is possible on a bike.

Now, Red Bull and Brandon Semenuk want you to help decide what comes next.

Brandon Semenuk Realm
Brandon Semenuk putting in the work to build a better future for slopestyle. Photo: Toby Cowley / Red Bull Content Pool

The Canadian slopestyle Icon teamed up with course builder Justin Wyper to build a new course, which Semenuk rides in Realm below. Fans will then vote on which feature is included in Joyride in 2022.

Brandon Semenuk: REALM

Changing it up for year 10

Following the postponement of Joyride’s 10th anniversary edition, Semenuk and course builder Justin Wyper teamed up to dream, and build four unique features on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast.

All four are designed to promote different angles of creativity on the bike.

One will be included in Red Bull Joyride 2022.

Brandon Semenuk Realm
Brandon Semenuk fits more in one jump than a photo sequence can capture. Better watch Realm to get the full effect. Photo: Toby Cowley / Red Bull Content Pool

“Introducing features that allow riders to really express their personal creativity on a bike can really help shake up the people we see on the podium on a week-to-week basis,” explained Wyper.

“Without the confines of a contest environment, Justin Wyper and myself had the opportunity to create our own Slopestyle haven and take some chances with this course build. Like any mountain bike trail or course, you work with the given terrain to make the best features imaginable,” says Semenuk. “In this situation, we knew we wanted to create a course that would ride well top to bottom, but also offer up some opportunities for creativity along the way. We took our knowledge from previous builds and integrated some ‘wildcard’ features with some more common slopestyle features to hopefully have a good balance of both.”

Brandon Semenuk Realm
Semenuk handplants a natural wood beam while filming Realm on the Sunshine Coast. Photo: Tobey Cowley / Red Bull Content Pool

Fans in charge of slopestyle’s new direction

After watching (and re-watching) Realm, fans can head to the voting page to pick their favourite feature from Semenuk and Wyper’s project. The winning feature will be included in the 2022 Red Bull Joyride course.

Event voting page.

Brandon Semenuk Realm
Brandon Semenuk pondering what to do with this wild wood feature. Photo: Toby Cowley / Red Bull Content Pool

Want to watch Realm again, but with a different background? Watch Realm on Red Bull TV.