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Brendan Fairclough’s “Home Rampage” is getting insane

Wood skinnies, a rooftop and a Land Rover Defender - what could go wrong?

Brendan Fairclough Home Rampage

Brendan Fairclough has been building mountain bike challenges in his back yard to stay entertained at home during quarantine.

When you are as talented as Fairclough is on the bike, however, it takes a little bit more to feel challenged on the bike. The freerider / World Cup downhill racer has been documenting his rides on his YouTube channel in a series, very appropriately titled Home Rampage.

His back-yard challenges started off with some seriously impressive stunts. They’ve escalated in difficulty, and sketchiness, every episode since.

The latest episodes of Home Rampage hit an entirely new level. The “lockdown Rampage Danny MacAskill line” incorporates plywood skinnies, a Land Rover Devender, Fairclough’s van and home rooftop. What could possibly go wrong? Well, watch and find out.

Things get out of hand.

Brendan Fairclough: Home Rampage Ep. 5 – Don’t Try This At Home! I Can’t Believe I Fell!

Want more lockdown entertainment? The man that inspired Fairclough’s rooftop antics has been doing his own challenges at home in Scotland. Check out Danny MacAskill and Duncan Shaw riding a very long slack line.