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Bryn Atkinson shreds the PNW on new Norco Optic

What can the Australian-born shredder do with the the Canadian brands latest trail bike?

Norco Optic

Norco’s 2020 Optic looks plenty capable of having fun on the trail. How do you get the most out of your new short travel trail bike, though?

Why not ask one of the most stylish riders around? Bryn Atkinson takes the 2020 Optic out for a spin, a skid and a slide on the trails of the Pacific North West.

Bryn Atkinson Norco Optic
Bryn Atkinson on the 2020 Norco Optic

Big ferns, beautiful berms and burly jumps are the norm on Washington’s trails. Few riders are as capable of pushing the the trails, and their bike to the limit as Atkinson.

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In Find Focus, take a trip inside the mind of the Australian-born Bellingham, Wash. local. He dissects the trail and breaks down his process, step by skid by step.