Cornering carnage: Sound of Speed with Bryn Atkinson

Ferns, berms and flat out speed from Bellingham, Washington

December 5th, 2018 by | Posted in MTB | Tags:

Deep in the woods of Bellingham, Wa. all is quiet. Quiet, except for the sound of Bryn Atkinson crushing corners.

Tires gripping dirt, the occasional “whoop” of a close call, and that’s it. Just riding and the forest.

The former downhill World Cup racer traded in dusty Australian trails for his new home in the Pacific Northwest. With his racing days behind him, Atkinson focuses on speed and incredible style as he cuts through the coastal forest.

Rob Parkin does a great job translating Atkinson’s trail speed onto the screen, putting in another killer installment of Red Bull’s Sound of Speed series.