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Caleb Holonko is mind-blowing in ‘Lights Out’

Re-writing the script on iconic Sea-to-Sky features

There are a lot of mountain bike edits out there, and more arriving every day. But, every once and a while, one comes a long that truly stands out. Caleb Holonko’s Lights Out is one such edit.

In just 90 second, the Kona freerider and occasional EWS racer rewrites the script on several iconic Sea-to-Sky features. With the level of riding happening in and around Whistler right now, raising the bar even slightly is getting increasingly difficult. Holonko takes the bar and javelin-tosses it off into the  woods and does his own thing.

Watch. Re-watch. Then watch Lights Out one more time.

Caleb Holonko: Lights Out

What’s Kona say about Lights Out?

The definition of progression is to move toward an advanced state. Gravity rider Caleb Holonko takes a few of BC’s familiar big hits and turns them into generation-defining moments. There are plenty of riders that do it, but only a few that you’ll remember.

Video: Ollie Jones
Photos: Kaz Yamamura