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“Calm Before the Storm” – Matt Macduff and Brayden Barrett-Hay ride Joyride 150

Two riders with very different styles team up at indoor bike park

Joyride 150 Matt Macduff Brayden Barrett-Hay

With snow on the ground across Canada, two riders with very different styles gather at Joyride 150 indoor bike park. Calm Before the Storm shows two Canadians getting some much needed time on two wheels.

Matt Macduff comes from The Rise and, more recently, Fest series appearances. He brings a brash, street influenced style to Joyride 150. Brayden Barrett-Hay brings the more calculated, calm approach. With his years of experience on the Freeride Mountain Bike competition, Barrett-Hay is more predictable on the bike.

Contrasting styles show just how much creativity is possible. Even within the confines of an indoor park, both rider’s individual styles shine through.

Calm Before the Storm – Matt Macduff and Brayden Barrett-Hay at Joyride 150

From director Broderick Horne:

“Matt and Brayden are two very different riders through their style and attitude. Brayden being more cool, calm and relaxed and Matt being more explosive and unpredictable. Some would say they are quite black and white from one another. This video encompasses all of this and demonstrates how two different riders can still come together and create something exciting even with their unique takes on riding.”

Music: Raven – “The Well”