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Must See: Cam Zink lands massive 110-foot backflip world record

Resetting the bar in "Sandbox"

Cam Zink Sandbox Photo by: Ryan Cleek

What do you do once you’ve created your own 169-acre off-road playground? If your Cam Zink, you use it to set a new Guinness World Record.

In Sandbox, Zink shows off his own personal playground, after which the video is named. The massive desert complex, which includes the world’s tallest mountain bike jump, is designed specifically to help Zink push his own riding to new heights.

“I never thought I would be 34 still riding a bike for a living, let alone still getting better. Better is a key word for my everyday life, just as in my career; every time I was hurt and people said I should quit or take up something else, it just kept getting better,” said Zink.

To start with, The Sandbox is the setting for a huge, world-record-setting 110-foot backflip.

Cam Zink Sandbox
Cam Zink in Sandbox. Photo: Ryan Cleek.

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While Zink has been at the forefront of freeride mountain bike progression for years, the 110-foot backflip didn’t come easy. The project is years in the making.

If you’re going to put in that kind of effort, and that much time, into a trick, it better be the best. And, to make sure it looks as impressive as a world record should, Zink and Monster bring Clay Porter, Dustin Lindgren, and JP Preston on board to capture the action.

Sandbox is more than a one-hit-wonder. It’s a full eight minutes of Zink’s best riding. Oh, and one absolutely massive backflip.

Cam Zink – Sandbox

Monster Energy waxes poetic about Zink’s Sandbox:

“Welcome to the ultimate mountain bike playground. Cam Zink has been working his entire life on perfecting his personal Sandbox. Now we get to see the 169-acre property in full HD, including the world’s tallest MTB jump where Cam landed his Guinness World Record backflip: “I can’t believe what we’ve been able to create, and this is just the beginning…” But don’t take Cam’s word for it, better see for yourself.”