Can Danny MacAskill ride a 30 metre slack line?

Trials legend takes on a project most of us would struggle just to walk

April 24th, 2020 by | Posted in MTB | Tags: , ,

Maybe you have better balance and core strength than I do, but just the idea of trying to walk a 30-metre slack line is intimidating. Trying to ride a bike across that span? Impossible. Unless, of course, you’re Danny MacAskill.

As MacAskill does every time he posts a video, the Scottish trials star pushes the limits of what’s possible on two wheels. This time, Danny has fellow Scottish trials rider Duncn Shaw along for the challenge. Shaw and MacAskill are co-quarantining together during COVID-19, and the riding buddies-turned-housemates do what they can to help each other through the slack line challenge.

The backyard challenge reminds me of Ryan Leech’s first attempts to ride across a chainlink gate way back in The Collective, though the Scottish duo obviously take it to a whole new level.

30 Metre Slack Line Challenge! Danny vs. Duncan

From Duncan Shaw:

This week myself and Danny decided to tackle a monster 30m slackline. I knew it was going to be hard but didn’t quite expect it to take it as long as it did.”