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Candide Thovex skis everything but snow in Quattro 2

Canadian cyclists are stuck in winter, while free-skier travels to ... find summer?

Candide Thovex : Quattro 2 : Audi

Candide Thovex has made a string of creative ski edits on slopes around the world, but his craziest video yet ditches the snow completely. This is the most unique ski video you’ll see anytime soon, so give Thovex a watch as he shreds in unique locations around the world. There’s everything from an active volcano to a hillside covered in statue soldiers, massive sand dune spines, and even a section of the Great Wall of China in this video. Somehow, this will make you want to ski and get back to summer trails at the same time.

This winter has been full of cross-seasonal creativity, with skiers on grass and mountain bikers on snow. Casey Brown kicked things off in Corbet’s couloir, and Max Stöckl just rode a full-on downhill ski track for Red Bull. Georgia Simmerling, multi-sport and multi-season Olympian, is having less luck. The Canadian was taken out of the upcoming 2018 Olympics in Korea when she went down in a massive ski cross accident over the weekend.