Canine Chaos: The greatest trail dog edit ever?

Celebrating International Dog Day with a pack of the best four legged crew

September 20th, 2019 by | Posted in MTB | Tags:

What did you do for International Dog Day?

The crew at Tannus decided to gather as many canine trail buddies as they could, and get out for a proper shred fest.

Eight riders, nine dogs, and absolute canine chaos.

The result was a wild mess of wheels and wagging tails; four legs and freeride. Experienced trail pups, a solid crew of riders and even a doggie-mounted trail camera.

Everyone got in on the action, from Kona the Sheepadoodle to Poofy, the 11-point Pom-Shihtzhu, showing there’s no size restrictions to shredding trail.

By all reports, the dogs had a fantastic day chasing wheels and occasionally their own tails.

Tannus’ Disclaimer: No dogs were hurt in the making of this video. Tannus loves dogs and only rides with them if they’ll be safe and healthy for a lifetime. The dogs had plenty of breaks, water and treats. Sections that put strain on their joints were kept to a minimum. Not all dogs are created equal–riders should be sure to understand a dogs’ limits when taking them on a ride!

Video: Branson Kendall