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“Chasing Shadows” with Steve Storey

B.C. rider explores trails at home and in exotic locations around the world

Steve Storey

Four bikes, six countries, and more amazing trails than you can shake a stick at. In Chasing Shadows, B.C.’s Steve Storey takes us all along for the ride as he travels the world by bike.

There’s riding at home in Canada, mixed in with exotic locations like Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Peru, Portugal and the U.S.A. Follow along with Storey’s ridgeline and rock garden POV footage, and see if you can pick out the different locations.

With wildly different terrain from shot to shot, Storey makes use of his full fleet of Knolly bikes. B.C.’s aluminium experts provide a Fugitive, Warden, Endorphin, and the carbon fibre sibling, Warden Carbon.

Steve Storey – Chasing Shadows

From Knolly Bicycles:

“Steve Storey’s been fortunate enough to ride a lifetime‚Äôs worth of trails and mountains across the globe. Many of the trips he’s undertaken have been working holidays spent chasing light in beautiful destinations where he explores, shoots, and rides. But those aren’t the only reasons he travels…

It’s also his way of staying curious, living young & never growing up because “To live, will be an awfully big adventure.”

Follow Steve Storey’s riding adventures on Instagram.”