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Christian Bagg takes on “The Longest Climb” on aMTB prototype

Bowhead founder chases innovation and adventure in the Rocky Mountains

Bowhead Reach Rx The Longest Climb Photo by: Bowhead

How far can hand cycling take you? While developing its new RX aMTB, Bowhead founder Christian Bagg puts some serious legwork, or arm work, into the R&D process to find out. The Bowhead team documented the process for The Longest Climb.

Bagg and the Bowhead team headed to Triune Mountain to put its prototype – and Bagg’s fitness – to the test. The 2,600m-peak sits at the top of a steep and loose 1,600m climb. The plan was to take the RX and see how far the team could get.

The handcycle version of Bowhead’s RX is new, but the concept is years in the making.

“My vision was to make this handcycle mountain bike. From the very first prototype of the RX is about an 8-year gap before technology caught up,” says Bagg.

Bowhead reach Rx The Longest CLimb

Now that bike and e-mtb tech is advancing, Bowhead’s pushed aMTB into new territory with the RX. With an articulating design to handle off-cambres and a Bosch motor assisting the hand crank power, the latest model finally allows the Alberta bike brand’s founder to get back to his roots.

“I was a mountain biker before I was injured and wanted to be a mountain biker after I was injured. But the technology just wasn’t there,” says Bagg.

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Bowhead Reach Rx The Longest Climb
An articulating design is essential to making the RX confident on any terrain. Photo: Bowhead.

Based on his adventure with the Rx handcycle, Bagg is back on trails.

Of course, one part of mountain biking that never changes, whether it’s two-wheeled or an aMTB handcrank, is the unknown. Not every mission ends as a success, and the Bowhead team set themselves a lofty goal at Triune Mountain. But, as it is for all riders, the adventure, and pushing yourself to find your, and your equipment’s limits, is half the fun.

Bowhead: The Longest Climb

What’s Bowhead say about Christian’s climb?

This summer the Bowhead Team took the Bowhead RX from a concept drawing to a full production adaptive Ebike Handcycle.

Follow Christian up a mountain as we showcase the development of the Bowhead RX Ebike from a design concept to a Mountain climbing machine!

With the latest Bosch Ebike technology providing pedal assistance to tackle a heinous climb, an epic day was had at Trout Lake City.