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Creator Series Ep. 6 “Dirt is Soft” asks about injury in mountain biking

Latest episode explores both downsides and silver linings of falling off your bike

“Dirt is soft. Rocks and trees are … less soft.”

This simple observation starts off Dirt is Soft. The sixth episode in Race Face’s Creator Series is an examination of mountain biker’s relationship with injury. Falls happen. Sometimes these falls end in injury. So why do we keep riding? What drives us to pursue an inherently dangerous sport?

According to the makers of Dirt is Soft, injury isn’t solely negative. It can motivate us to improve.

“For the most part, injury doesn’t scare us away: where others would back away, we push forward. Injury drives us to work hard for recovery and motivates us to be better. We have a tricky relationship with injury. But if the worst thing about getting hurt is the time away from our bikes that we’ll never get back, then the silver lining is that feeling when we finally get back on the horse.”

Race Face Creator Series Episode 6: Dirt is Soft

Filmmaker: Peter Wojnar

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