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Danny MacAskill flips the script on child care with ‘Danny Daycare’

Trials rider takes babysitting and bike trailers to new heights

Danny Macaskill Danny Daycare

What’s the best way to keep a young child entertained? Take them outside for a wee bit of fresh air, right?

Danny MacAskill takes this idea to new heights in Danny Daycare, the newest video from the entertaining Scottish trials rider.

Going for a bike ride with your babysitter is an entirely different ordeal when it’s MacAskill is behind the bars. A wee little bike ride gets sendy.

Danny’s quick to point out that no real children were involved, or harmed in the making of Danny Daycare, so you can relax and enjoy his latest edit in peace:

And, of course, don’t try this at home:

If you want to see more of MacAskill’s parenting skills, or to be sure that no children were actually harmed during the filming, check out the behind the scenes footage from the making of Danny Daycare.