Danny Hart’s world champs Saracen Myst stolen

Four bikes stolen from Sheffield hotel overnight

November 5th, 2019 by | Posted in MTB | Tags: , ,

Bike theft always sucks, but some bikes are harder to replace than others. And some bikes are irreplaceable.

Danny Hart had three bikes stolen from the Kenwood Hall Hotel where he was staying in Sheffield, U.K. The theft took place early this morning. Among the stolen bikes is Hart’s custom World Championships Saracen Myst, which he raced at Mont-Sainte-Anne in September.

Hart’s teammate Matt Walker’s Saracen Zenith Pro was also stolen. A Saracen Aerial and Saracen Traverse were the other two bikes thieves walked away with.

Danny Hart at Mont-Sainte-Anne world championships.

You can see Hart’s original post below. The Mont-Sainte-Anne custom Myst shouldn’t be hard to spot, if it does surface.