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Darkfest 2020 highlights: biggest jumps and best drone footage

DarkFest 2020

Darkfest’s return to South Africa was bigger and wilder than ever. Now, there are 10 full minutes of official Darkfest highlights. You can catch up on everything that happened at the massive Fest Series event in Stellenbosch.

Nico Vink steals the show, with his insane highspeed manual, but there’s no shortage of aerial madness. Canada’s Matt Macduff and Tom van Steenbergen join in, alongside Kamloops, B.C.’s Graham Agassiz.

Aggy and rising talent Kaos Seagrave battle it out for best whip, both getting well past sideways.

While the riding is incredible, better drones are helping the video step up to a new level. Helmet cams, helicopters and stationary video can capture the video from now-familiar angles. The Darkfest highlights show drone pilots are learning better ways to show the size of features and rider’s style.

The full DarkFest 2020 rider list:

Graham Agassiz (CAN), Matt Macduff (CAN), Tom van Steenbergen (CAN), Sam Reynolds (GB) Nico Vink (Belgium) Clemens Kaudela (Austria) Adolf Silva (Spain) Brendan Fairclough (GB) Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) Theo Erlangson (South Africa) Ike Klaassen (South Africa) Remy Morton (New Zealand) Beinvenido Aguado (Spain) Kaos Seagrave (GB) Szymon Godziek (Polan) Brage Vestavik (Norway) Jaxson Riddle (USA) Makken (Norway)

Darkfest 2020 Official Highlights

From Fest Series:

“An all star cast of the world’s biggest and best freeriders gathered in Stellenbosch, South Africa again in 2020 to shred the biggest jumps in the world and change the game yet again. Faster, Bigger and longer! Darkfest 2020!”