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Driver sentenced in death of Clif Pro Team cross country racer

Ben Sonntag's family travels from Germany for hearing

Photo by: Jean McAllister / TransRockies

A Colorado driver will serve jail time for killing Ben Sonntag in early 2020. Cordell Schneider was sentenced to spend three years behind bars. Schneider hit the Clif Pro Team cross country racer with his truck last March. Sonntag was on a training ride on a remote Colorado road at the time he was hit.

Schneider was convicted of vehicular homicide in Colorado. He was sentenced on Friday. Sonntag’s family travelled from their home in Germany to attend the sentencing.

Judge William Herringer stated that he tries to avoid sending people to prison but that Schneider’s actions since, and the seriousness of his crime, warranted a jail term, reports Durango Herald. While out on bail for Sonntag’s death, Schneider was involved in another crash. He was caught trying to flee from police on foot after attempting to hide his crashed motorbike.

ā€œIā€™m going to send you to prison, in part, because I want to see if that shakes you in a way that you really begin to truly get what has happened here,ā€ Herringer said.

At the time that he killed Sonngtag, Schneider was driving approximately 65 mph in a 35 mph zone. He lost control of his truck on the gravel road and hit Sonntag, who was out on a training ride at the time.