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DT Swiss go all out with carbon fibre 1501 Spline One wheelsets

DT 1700 alloy rim option gets upgrade hubs for XC, AM and Enduro sets

DT Swiss is taking its 1501 Spline One wheelsets to the next level. All three options, XC to enduro, now run on full carbon fibre rims. For those missing alloy, DT’s 1700 Spline rims are still alloy, and get a couple key upgrades to roll into the new year.

DT Swiss 1501 Spline One gets “carbonized”

Earlier this year, DT Swiss upgraded the classic 240 hub to the Rachet EXP system. Now that 240 EXP is the centerpiece of the 1501 Spline One system.

The big news is, of course, that the 1501 Spline One rims are now carbon fibre. DT Swiss created three different rim profiles to match the different intended uses of the wheels. There is a cross country race wheel, an all-mountain option and a full-on enduro race rim.

DTs 1501 wheelsets won’t be arriving in Canada until 2021, but you can book your set starting now. Prices for the carbon fibre wheels start at $2,700.00 (CAD). For that hefty price, the carbon fibre rims come with DT Swiss’ “Fair-Share” 10-year warranty, offering a replacement at a minimal cost for any damage caused while riding.

DT Swiss 1501 Spline One

XRC 1501 Spline One

The cross country race-oriented XRC rim gets a nice, wide 30 mm internal diameter (36 mm external) for lower tire pressure and higher volume tires that have taken over XC racing. The XRC comes in 29″ diameter only, with a starting weight of 1,544 g. All this rolls on DT’s own 240 Ratchet EXP 36 hub.

DT Swiss 1501 Spline One

XMC 1501 Spline One

For the all mountain XMC 1501, riders can choose between 27.5″ and 29″ wheels. Internal rim width is still 30 mm, 36 mm external, but with slightly sturdier rim profile comes to a slightly heavier overall weight. 27.5″ XMC wheelsets start at 1,565 g, and 29″ start at 1,639 g. Again, the XMC 1501 are built around the 240 hub with Ratchet EXP 36 freehub.

EXC 1501 Spline One

The EXC 1501 offers a precision-focused lightweight wheel for enduro racing. It shares the same 30-mm internal width as the XRC and XMC, but with added durability. The weight penalty over the XMC is minimal, with the 27.5″ EXC starting at 1,609 g, and the 29″ tipping the scales at 1,693 g.

The EXC 1501 also comes with the option of a 6-bolt disc brake mount option, while the XRC and XMC require a centerlock-to-6 bolt adaptor.

DT Swiss 1700 Spline

1700 Spline upgrades alloy

For riders missing an alloy DT Swiss option, the 1700 Spline series gets several significant upgrades. Taking on the weight of DT’s reputation for low weight, high durability alloy rims, the 1700 move to welded rim seams, where previous generations were sleeved.

The new series also gets a big boost to the hub, moving to DT’s 350 hub, upgraded to a 36T Ratched SL (Super Light) freehub system. This gives the 1700 Spline wheels a quick 10-degree engagement angle.

All 1700 Spline wheels are held together by DT Swiss competition spokes, and are hand built in DT factories. The 1700 Spline series starts at USD $886.00

DT Swiss 1700 Spline

XR 1700 Spline

The cross country-focused XR 1700 Spline wheelset is built around DT Swiss’ XR 391 alloy rims. Offering a more classic rim profile, the XR 291’s have a 25-mm internal width, and are available in 29″ only. They have a feathery starting weight of 1,672 g.

XM 1700 Spline

XM 482 alloy rim. Thinner sidewalls than the EX 481 give this rim a lighter weight for all-day riding, but also mean there’s a maximum system weight of 120 kg, 10 kg less than the EX 1700 wheelset.

XM 1700 rims come in 27.5″ or 29″ diameters and have a starting weight of 1,748 g.

EX 1700 Spline

Built around the tough EX 511 alloy rim, and its 30-mm internal width, the EX 1700 Spline targets enduro racing. Coming in 27.5″ or 29″ diameter options, the EX 1700 starts at 1,878 grams.