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DT Swiss updates workhorse 350 hubs

Faster engagement, lighter weights and upgrade kits added in a variety of standards

DT Swiss 350 hub Photo by: DT Swiss

After overhauling the venerable 250 hub in 2020, DT Swiss is already sharing some of that performance with the 350 hubs. The Swiss manufacturer’s workhorse hub gets an overhauled shell, improved ratchet system and some smaller details.

Here’s what’s new and what is returning for the DT Swiss 350 hub.

DT Swiss 350 hub

Lighter and faster

DT Swiss’ proven Ratchet system returns to the 350, but with the upgrade from 18-teeth to 36. That gives the hub an reasonably quick 10-degree engagement. The 350 doesn’t get the new Ratchet EXP system the 240 did, but the upgrade to 36t Ratchet SL is a big move.

The 350 can be upgraded to a 54t Ratchet, to get a faster 6.7-degree engagement. Or, if that’s not your jam, there are still 18t and 24t upgrade kits available as well. DT Swiss has a rather thorough explanation of why the company does not think every rider needs, or should even want faster engagement. You can wade through that logic here, if you’re interested.

DT Swiss also significantly refines the hub shell for the 350. This works to shave weight off the hubs. Many of the changes look quite a bit like the updated 240, giving the two hubs a similar profile. DT Swiss offers the 350 in classic (J-bend) and straight pull spoke options.

New end caps

A more minor update that trickles down from the 180 and 240 hubs, the 350 now uses notched end caps. From using several hubs with the notched end cap, the small change does actually make the end cap quite a bit easier to remove. If you take advantage of DT’s tool-free maintenance or switch hubs often, this will be appreciated.

All the standards and easy service for the home mechanic

At this point, there’s a huge array of different hub standards out in the world. DT Swiss is doing its best to cover as many as possible with 52 different hub options available for the new 350. From pre-Boost 142 mm through Boost 148, Superboost (157) all the way up to a 12x197mm rear axle, if you are hunting for a new hub for your frame, DT probably has you covered. The hub is available with centerlock or 6-bolt disc rotor mounts, too.

DT Swiss’ Ratchet System covers all three major mountain bike freehub systems. With the Ratchet’s tool-free design, you can quickly switch between Shimano Microspline, SRAM XD and Shimano HG drivers. The tool-free design also makes for easy home-maintenance on the hub, so you can keep it running for years to come. It also makes upgrading to a different Ratchet system a job you can easily perform at home.

DT Swiss 350 hub: Pricing and availability

Availability is always the big question right now. While there’s no exact date yet, Canadians can expect to see the new 350 hub arrive by the end of summer. Pricing in Canada is also yet to be finalized. But 350 hub sets should start at $560.00 for the pair, depending on what standards you use.

Sort through DT Swiss’ full list of over 50 different hub options for the new 350. See what is available and start planning your next build now.