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“Everything and an EWS” debuts new Miranda Miller project

World Champ heads to Scotland for a different approach to racing

Photo by: DVRGNT Minds / YouTube

Miranda Miller is pioneering a new program. The 2017 world champ, now racing enduro, is mixing in more than just start and finish lines. Part of this new approach to racing is her own web series, Here, There, Everywhere.

After dropping a trailer for the project earlier this spring, Episode 1 – Everything and an EWS is now live. It follows Miller and fellow Kona athlete Caleb Holonko to Innerleithen, Scotland for round 1 of the Enduro World Series.

The pair are there for more than just racing, though. They arrive early enough to get into the local riding culture, actually see – and help maintain – trails outside the race course and, of course, race.

Here, There, Everywhere Ep.1 – Everything and an EWS!

What’s Miller say about Ep1 of Here, There, Everywhere ?

“Thank-you to the town of Innerleithen for welcoming Caleb, Graeme and I so warmly, for sharing your trails with everyone from the EWS and thank-you to all my sponsors who see the value in an alternative program like DVRGNT Minds!”