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Fabio Wibmer launches new custom kit with a not-so-serious bike park launch

New POC gear collection from Austrian freerider launches with a wink

Fabio Wibmer Photo by: Hannes Berger

Fabio Wibmer’s been making thrilling and creative videos with POC for six years now. To celebrate the milestone, the two have collaborated on a special Fabio Wibmer X POC collection. And, to celebrate the launch of this new kit, a … not so serious video.

Wibmer’s productions always have a fantastic sense of play. Whether that’s re-imagining the urban landscape, or finding freedom while in lockdown, the Austrian keeps the focus on fun, while still throwing jaw-dropping moves.

Fabio Wibmer
Checking the reel. Photo: Hannes Berger

“My signature line looks really awesome and I am very grateful to POC for realizing this with me, especially to such an extent. I truly love the stylized “25 stairs” from my Urban Freeride Live 3 movie on the helmets”, Wibmer explains: ”Producing the video in Saalbach was a lot of fun. Especially since we refrained from the super spectacular tricks and instead decided to produce the whole clip as a funny behind-the-scenes. It gives you a quite accurate impression on how much fun we actually have riding our bikes and producing videos.”

More from Fabio Wibmer himself:

How my 9to5 looks like when we are filming video. This time we wanted to shoot a commercial for my new signature line with POC. It kind of worked…

View the complete Fabio Wibmer collection on POC’s website.