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Fabio Wibmer gets creative in “Home Office”

Trials star doesn't have a problem staying on the bike while staying home in Innsbruck, Austria

Fabio Wibmer Home Office

What do you do if you’re a professional mountain biker and you have to stay at home? If you are Fabio Wibmer, you get creative.

The Austrian trials sensation turns his house into a playground in Home Office.

Fabio Wibmer Home Office
Fabio Wibmer burns off excess energy in Home Office while his roommate takes a more relaxed approach. Photo: Hannes Berger / Red Bull Content Pool

From the windows to the walls, Wibmer gets his sweat on making every household object a trials feature.

Home Office – Fabio Wibmer

It’s not the first time Wibmer’s impressed with his creative approach to an otherwise unassuming situation. He bent the streets of Innsbruck to suit his style in Wibmer’s Law. Then he turned the historic architecture of Israel into a bike park.

Wibmer even jumped out of a helicopter onto a ski slope in the wild Fabiolous Escape 2.

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So, how does your home office stack up next to Wibmer’s?