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The Formula for Speed: Finn Iles hunts for seconds in Fast Life Ep. 2

Season five picks up the pace

Photo by: Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull Content Pool

Racing is a simple formula: go faster than all the other riders, win the race. But going as fast as possible all the time is a recipe for disaster. So when do you push and when do you hold back? That’s what Fast Life is looking to answer in Episode Two of season five, The Formula for Speed.

Pacing means very different things in a 90-minute XCO race than it does in a 20-minute XCC race or a 2.5-minute downhill run. But pacing is crucial in each one. Which hill does Kate Courtney sprint in Nove Mesto? When can Finn Iles get off the brakes at a Les Gets mud fest without crashing? Well, that’s the hard part of racing, isn’t it?

Fast Life S5Ep2 The Formula for Speed

What’s Red Bull say about Season Five’s sophomore effort?

The best MTB riders race on instinct. Why? Because understanding the science of speed doesn’t always help them know when to go fast and when to slow down. They have to work it out themselves. This time the muddy, slippery and rutted track of Les Gets is the proving ground for Loic Bruni and Finn Iles, while Kate Courtney is battling it out in Nové Mesto.

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