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Forbidden Synthesis bets on local Canadian talent

Enduro team adds another Vancouver Island rider ahead of World Cup debut season

Zchary Rebitt rides in the Comox Valley Photo by: Forbidden Bike Co.

Vancouver Island’s Comox Valley is home to young EWS champs, World Cup winners and a growing pool of young talent. It’s also home to Forbidden Bike Co.

One benefit of being an international brand based in such in a hotbed of mountain bike talent is you get see who is going to be fast next, not just who is already posting results. The high-pivot specialists already signed under-21 Enduro World Series (now Enduro World Cup) champion Emmy Lan to join the Forbidden Synthesis team, alongside Islander Magnus Manson and B.C.’s Rhys Verner. Now, Forbidden’s looking to the future and signing 17-year-old Zachary Rebitt to join the team.

You may not have heard Rebitt’s name much yet but, based on his riding in Something in the Water, you will hear it more soon.

Something in the Water ft. Zachary Rebitt

What’s Forbidden say about its new young rider?

The hydrologic cycle is a continuous circulation of water between the earth and the atmosphere. This cycle is particularly active in the Comox Valley, delivering about 1157mms of water per year. However, somewhere along the way, something has gotten into the water. Maybe it was stored in the Comox Glacier or maybe it was in the soil all along. Whatever it is, it has produced an abundance of very talented mountain bikers.

Zachary Rebitt grew up at the base of Forbidden Plateau, which features some of the roughest old-school trails in the area. Growing up at the base of the Forbidden Plateau, Zachary has had a lifetime of exposure to this mysterious substance, and it shows. Zachary is part of a new crop of very fast and very stylish riders that are emerging from the Comox Valley. Realistically, though, it’s more than just the water that contributes to their skill. It’s the vast, rugged, and topographically diverse terrain, the dedicated team of trail builders and advocates, a mild climate that provides nearly year-round rideable conditions, and a connected community that supports athletes. These variables combine to create a powerful ecosystem that produces hardworking, talented, and refreshingly humble athletes.

Zachary might not be a household name just yet, but he has impressed us beyond any reasonable doubt, enough that we had to give him a shot at joining the Forbidden Synthesis team and taking his riding overseas. We can’t wait to see how Zachary continues to develop for years to come. Maybe, just maybe, the “fastest kid in town” can one day become the fastest kid in the world, it’s worth a shot.

Welcome to the team, Zach.