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Forrest Riesco shreds Coast Gravity Park in “Off the Clock”

World Cup downhill racer trades speed for style in off-season riding

Forrest Riesco

Forrest Riesco spends his summers racing the clock at World Cup venues around the globe. In the off-season, the Sunshine Coast-based downhill racer has other plans.

In Off the Clock the Sunshine Coast-based downhill racer heads to Coast Gravity Park for winter laps at a more relaxed pace. Through a light dusting of snow, Riesco shreds berms and styles doubles, putting form before pure speed.

The Commencal Canada racer’s idea of “relaxed pace” is, of course, still blisteringly fast. But, with Scott Secco capturing the mood and Riesco’s moves perfectly, everything seems to slow down a little. Much like life on the Sunshine Coast.

World Cup season starts up again soon, shifting fans and racers focus back to speed. Until then, relax with Off the Clock, and count down the days until the snow disappears.

Forrest Riesco: Off the Clock

From Commencal Canada

“A racer spends their entire season with one singular focus – get from A to B as fast as possible. Always pushing to drop seconds from the clock.

They build a resume of speed. Their work summed up by a few numbers on a results sheet.

But there is so much more to riding a bike than solely how fast you can go.

When not looking for the straightest line down the mountain riders can add their own style. A signature to accompany those numbers.

Before gearing up for the 2020 season Forrest Riesco spends some time Off The Clock riding at home at the Coast Gravity Park on his Meta AM 29.”

Video: Cole Nelson