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“Freedom of Speed” with Quinn Hanley

Hunting for the essence of Canadian freeride

Quinn Hanley Freedom of Speed

There’s enough existing trails in B.C. to last a lifetime, but Quinn Hanley wanted more. He wanted to return to the “essence of Canadian freeride.” The result of that is Freedom of Speed, which you can watch below.

But what is the essence of Canadain freeride? While it has been clearly established that moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty, the essence of freeride is more elusive.

Is it big mountain riding? Big jumps? Weird ladder bridges and skinnies? Steep sand chutes? Or something else?

“I decided to head out of Whistler with my bike and some tools, looking for a location to build a unique trail to show my style of riding,” said Hanley. “With the help of some close friends and all our free time we scraped a unique line in with some features to link it all together.”

Big jumps? Check. Visually appealing natural backdrop? Double check. Riding through an old burn will always look cool. High speeds and loose corners? Check. Looks good to us, but better check for yourself:

Quinn Hanley – Freedom of Speed

Music: “Broken for Years” by Black River Delta