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Gallery: Mont-Sainte-Anne downhill World Cup

Danny Hart and Rachel Atherton take the wins on Mont Saint Anne course

Miranda Miller

Long Live Chainsaw and remembering Steve Smith was the theme of this years UCI world cup downhill event held at Mont Saint Anne, Quebec. With Canada flags flying everywhere and the sound of chainsaws in the forest, the scene was set for what would be a great day of racing.

Rachel Atherton has been the women to beat this year winning every world cup race she has entered. Few have come close to touching her times, but Manon Carpenter, Tracey Hannah and Tahnee Seagrave have all had good results and were hoping the cards would fall in their favour on the Canadian course. Miranda Miller who has also stepped on the podium this year was hoping the hometown advantage would play in her favour. Although they came close it was Atherton who continued to dominate the field and took home the win, with Miller grabbing the last step of the podium in fifth which is her second podium this year in as many races.

The men’s field was filled with all the usual contenders. Aaron Gwin qualified in first and was going to be last down the course. With a super fast and rough course it was going to be someone willing to take risks on the technical sections that would be triumphant. Who better to let things get loose than the Englishman Danny Hart. After winning his first ever world cup in Lenzerheide this year he continued the trend and rocketed to the bottom of the course holding off Gwin for the win.

Women’s results:

1. Rachel Atherton
2. Tracey Hannah
3. Tahnee Seagrave
4. Manon Carpenter
5. Miranda Miller

Men’s Results:

1. Danny Hart
2. Aaron Gwin
3. Loic Bruni
4. Troy Brosnan
5. Luca Shaw