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Gee Atherton updates on progress and plans after harrowing crash

What happens after a career-changing and life-altering injuries?

Gee Atherton The Knife Edge Photo by: Athertons

Last year, Gee Atherton shared what happened when pushing progression goes too far, detailing his harrowing crash while filming The Knife Edge. Now, the former world champ is giving an inside look at what happens next.

How does a top rider come back from potentially life-altering injuries? Atherton details his recovery, how its going and what happens next. He also gets into how the crash has changed his plans as a professional mountain biker.

WATCH: Gee Atherton’s harrowing crash in “The Knife Edge”

If you missed the news when it happened, Atherton fell 100 feet onto exposed rocks while filming for The Knife Edge. He was left with a laundry list of serious injuries. A broken femur, broken ribs, a fractured eye socket, a concussion and several other broken bones.

It’s great to hear that Gee is on the road back. The update is also an interesting window into what happens after a crash. It’s something that’s usually been kept quiet, but that a few athletes are starting to speak more openly about.

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Gee Atherton: How do you Recover from Life Changing Injuries?

What do the Athertons have to say about Gee’s update?

In June last year World Champion Mountain-biker Gee Atherton was horrifically injured when he fell over 100 feet from a cliff during filming “The Knife Edge,” one of the big mountain projects that he loves.

Prompted by the support that he has received and the huge number of questions, Gee has put together this edit to chart his physio and recovery. Join him at an exciting time for any athlete as he moves into the next stage of his journey back to the the top of his sport.

Huge thanks to Red Bull, Doug Jones and the team at Altius Healthcare

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