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GT signs Norwegian Shred-Viking Brage Vestavik

Young downhill racer and video creator back on the Dorel brand for 2020

Brage Vestavik

Self-proclaimed “shred-Viking,” Brage Vestavik, is returning to familiar ground for 2020. The Norwegian starts the new year as an elite GT Coalition rider.

What does the Viking shred? Anything he wants. Vestavik’s year will include everything from World Cup downhill racing and the notorious Red Bull Hardline, to making weird and creative mountain bike videos in the woods. For the latter, he’ll be building off his winter shreddit, shred-it, Time is Now

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Brage Vestavik GT Force
Brage Vestavik already looks comfortable on his GT Force 29 Pro.

Vestavik is returning to a familiar brand, but GT has been busy rolling out new models during his time away.

“There are a lot of new bikes since the last time I rode for GT, so I’m pumped to ride them all,” Brage said about the new-look GT line. “I’m really excited about the Force; I think it will be my go-to bike for everything, from street to DH to the bike park. I’m also really keen to ride a BMX bike at some point too.”

Brage Vestavik
From downhill to dirt jump, and even BMX. Vestavik has a whole new fleet for 2020.

Off the bike, Vestavik spends his time digging in the woods. The Norwegian builds trails for his own video edits, as well as at the GT-sponsored Trysil Bike Arena at the in his home country. “When I’m working on a feature, that’s all I’m thinking about,”he explained.“Even when I’m not digging, I’m thinking about that feature, how I’m going to finish it, ride it, or film it.”

Vestavik is well versed in building his own stunts, but Trysil will be a new challenge. “Trysil will be the first bike park I’m able to help with building, so I’m really excited for that! I have some cool ideas!” the shred-Viking added, “What I love about Trysil is that everyone can have fun there, I have the same amount of fun on the Blue trail as the Black trail.”