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Update: Rey robbed a second time. Hans Rey has eight bikes stolen from U.K. home

In second robbery, rare GT gearbox bike lifted from legends U.K. house

Hans Rey GT stolen
Hans Rey GT stolen
Image: Hans Rey’s Facebok

Hans Rey has reported eight bikes have been stolen from his East Midlands home in England.

Update: After reporting the initial robbery on Friday, in which eight bikes were stolen from Hans Rey’s U.K. home, Rey says the thieves returned the following night to make off with more. The second straight theft stung. Rey’s extremely rare GT IT1 Gearbox bike was stolen, along with two motorcycles. A TRS 250 Factory trials moto and an older 2000 Sherco 290cc motorcycle were stolen along with the gearbox GT.

Rey, who was far outside the U.K. at the time of the thefts, had assistance from his son in securing the property after the first theft. Further precautions were planned, according to Rey’s post on Facebook, but the thieves seemed well prepared and cut through the replaced locks.

The mountain bike legend, trials rider and pioneering freerider made the announcement Friday on Facebook, asking fellow riders to keep their eyes out for the stolen bikes.

Hans Rey GT stolen
Image: Hans Rey’s Facebok

Not that the missing bikes should be hard to pick out. Several are unique custom bikes that GT Bicycles made for Rey.  Other bikes are new models that are not yet available in the U.K.

Hans Rey GT stolen
Image: Hans Rey’s Facebok

Hans “No Way” Rey had a long and successful career in competitive trials before retiring in 1997. He also helped pioneer freeride, or “extreme” mountain biking. Rey continues to pursue adventure, riding his mountain bike in new locations around the world.

A full list of Rey’s stolen GT Bicycles can be seen below:

GT Sensor LTS (new model size L, without front wheel) Mustard gold.
GT Sensor AOS (olive green)
GT eVerb electric bike w Shimano Steps motor, without battery. (neon yellow)
GT Grade carbon gravel bike (carbon w yellow fork)
GT Zaskar 100 Hans Rey edition (white)
GT Zaskar 100 reg. carbon edition
GT Zaskar Trials bike (white)
GT Legacy urban commuter bike (silver)