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Ava Holmgren and Ian Ackert podium at Moosejaw US Cup junior XCO

Mud and mechanicals define Thursday's racing in Arkansas

Photo by: Flobikes

Thursday was a big day for the Canadian juniors, and specifically for the new Stimulus-Orbea squad, at the Moosejaw US Cup XCO. Both Ian Ackert and Ava Holmgren raced to podium finishes to start off a week of cross country racing in Arkansas.

Junior Women

Bailey Cioppa (Bear National Team) took over an early lead from Isabella Holmgren (Stimulus-Orbea) when the Canadian suffered a flat tire. The American rode solo to win the race.

Ava Holmgren (Stimulus-Orbea) chased to finish 2nd in the junior women’s XCO.

Ellie Krafft and Makena Kellerman, both also on Bear National Team passed Ella Myers (Canyon Devo) on the final lap to finish third and fourth. Myers, struggling through some mechanical difficulty of her own, held on for fifth in the junior women’s race.

Junior Men

100 riders lined up for the junior men’s race in Arkansas. As the start lap strung the field out, a handful of Canucks were in the front group. Zorak Paillé (PG Racing), Simon Ruelland (Equipe du Queback/Sigma Assurance), Cam McCallum (Charge BXCX), Ian Ackert (Stiumulus Orbea), Alexander Woodford (Team Ontario/Ride with Rendall) and Mikaël Côté (Equipe du Quebec/Siboire) all showed on the front group after the start loop, heading out on the firt full lap.

A pair of Bear National riders, Cayden Parker and Jack Spranger, quickly established themselves in the lead. Paillé and Ackert both chased solo within a minute of the leaders.

Parker attacked on the third lap, opening up a 20-second gap to his teammate. 17-year-old Ackert was left to chase alone in third. Cam McCallum moved up into fourth, another 30 seconds back.

Parker would hold on for the lead, taking the win ahead of Spranger.

Ackert’s race-long solo chase earned him third place.

Zorak Paille rallied to take fifth with Cam McCallum close behind in sixth. Maxime St. Onge (Equipe du Quebec / Siboire) in eighth and Alexander Woodford (Team Ontario / Ride with Rendall) made it five Canucks in the top 10 of the junior men’s race. A very solid day on dirt for the Canadian junior men and women.

US Cup Racing continues Friday with Short Track (XCC) events. This time the juniors start first, followed by the elites. Saturday is the UCI Junior Series event, a big day for the young riders. All of this is showing live on Flobikes. That’s exciting for junior racing, especially since the UCI doesn’t even bother with broadcasts of junior/u23 races at World Cups, so go stream the races and show there’s support for these young riders.

Junior Women XCO – Moosejaw US Cup (Thurs., April 21)

1. CIOPPA Bailey Bear National Team 1:12:04
2. HOLMGREN Ava Stimulus Orbea 1:13:23 +1:19
3. KRAFFT Ellie Bear National Team 1:14:37 +2:33
4. KELLERMAN Makena Bear National 1:15:13 +3:09
5. MYERS Ella Canyon Devo Racing 1:15:50 +3:46
6. JONAS Adeline Spry Cycles 1:16:17 +4:13
7. FRASER Chloe Boulder Junior Cycling 1:16:35 +4:31
8. AGGELER Lauren Team Durango Segment 28 1:17:05 +5:01
9. HARRINGTON Kellie Berkshire Velo 1:17:13 +5:09
10. AHLBERG Ava Bear National 1:17:45 +5:41
11. ASELTINE Mia Bear National Team 1:18:02 +5:58
12. MACPHEE Ella Charge BCXC Racing 1:18:20 +6:16
13. ROLDAN Mara Charge BC XC Racing 1:18:58 +6:54
14. VISNACK Natasha WE Race 1:19:39 +7:35
15. ST ONGE Marie Fay Équipe du Québec / Siboire 1:19:58 +7:54
16. MUSGRAVE Kaya Bear National Team 1:20:11 +8:07
17. GRAHAM Mya Waite Endurance 1:22:46 +10:42
18. CHERRY Avah Gravity Academy Racing 1:03:53 -8:11
19. CAMPBELL Samantha Texas Devo 1:35:42 +23:38
20. FRANCIS Jenaya Juventus Cycling Club 1:35:47 +23:43
21. SCHAMBERGER Nina USA Cycling Olympic Development Academy 1:35:52 +23:48
22. ELLISOR An-Mei WE Development 1:06:21 -5:43
23. NELSON Phoebee Specialized hyperthreads 1:06:21 -5:43
24. LUTGRING Chloe USA Cycling Olympic Development Academy 1:08:36 -3:28
25. WILSON Grace WE Race 1:09:08 -2:56
26. BRADBURY Sophie Team Hamilton 27:45 -44:19
27. AGRIMSON Raegan USA Cycling Olympic Development Academy 27:46 -44:18
DNF ROLDAN Mathilde Charge BC XC Racing
DNF HOLMGREN Isabella Stimulus Orbea

Junior Men XCO – Moosejaw US Cup (Thurs., April 21) Top 30 (unofficial)

1. PARKER Cayden Bear National Team 1:11:19 +5:55
2. SPRANGER Jack Bear National Team 1:12:13 +6:49
3. ACKERT Ian Stimulus Orbea 1:14:40 +9:16
5. PAILLÉ Zorak Vélo Pays d’en haut PG 1:15:47 +10:23
6. MCCALLUM Cam CHARGE BCXC 1:16:28 +11:04
7. IBANEZ Daniel Cordillera Trek 1:18:31 +13:07
8. ST ONGE Maxime Équipe du Québec / Siboire 1:18:41 +13:17
9. WOODFORD Alexander Team Ontario / Ride with Rendall 1:19:12 +13:48
10. BROWN Ian Bear National Team 1:19:26 +14:02
11. DEALE Owen Bicycle Express Racing 1:19:28 +14:04
12. GUERRERO Brandon 1:19:49 +14:25
13. COLON Darren PurmtbTeam 1:20:06 +14:42
14. SHELTON Marcis dfL 1:20:11 +14:47
15. WHITE Magnus boulder junior cycling 1:20:21 +14:57
16. WHITE Brady WE Devo 1:20:43 +15:19
17. SAIGH Elias ASU Junior Devo 1:20:43 +15:19
18. CRISMON Benjamin Texas Roadhouse 1:21:22 +15:58
19. STANZIONE Johnny Waite Endurance 1:21:34 +16:10
20. STOVALL Landen Vail Junior Cycling 1:21:36 +16:12
21. MOTE Adam USA Cycling Olympic Development Academy 1:21:39 +16:15
22. HALE Hudson G3 Foundation 1:22:03 +16:39
23. BRYAN Leif Boulder Junior Cycling 1:22:22 +16:58
24. COMANIUK Mika Vélo Pays d’en Haut 1:22:33 +17:09
25. DUMANSKI Mason WE Development 1:22:39 +17:15
26. RAINER Johnny Skyridge High School 1:23:06 +17:42
27. SPANGENBERG Noah Bear National Team 1:23:08 +17:44
28. COLE Owen First Flight Devo 1:23:09 +17:45
29. VEENENDAAL Vaughn Boulder Junior Cycling 1:23:31 +18:07

April 22, 2022 This story was corrected with updates to the junior women’s race report.