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Is this the hardest (legal) trail in Squamish?

Rémy Métailler takes on a trio of steep slab lines in the Sea-to-Sky area

Remy Metailler hardest trail in squamish

Squamish, B.C. has built a reputation for its vast and incredible network of mountain bike trails. It’s what has helped attract a solid roster of pro riders and brands to the small town in the Sea to Sky area.

Along with machine built flow trails like Half Nelson, Squamish is known for exposed lines down impossibly steep rock slabs. But what is the hardest of all these challenging trails?

French freerider and Whistler local Rémy Métailler takes a trip down Highway 99 to try find the hardest (legal) trail in Squamish’s trail system. With Squamish local Adam Price as his guide, they hit a trio of technical, steep, and exposed lines in Squamish’s Highlands riding area.

Price leads Métailler as they start off down Value Added, then build up to the massive Penthouse slab. Finally, it’s Larvicide, what Métailler describes as the hardest trail in town.

For bonus points, Métailler goes back up to hit the extra-spicy, exposed and off camber rock line on Value Added.

After Watching Métailler and Price master the Squamish slabs, only one question remains: would you ride it?