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Jack Moir and Kasper Woolley join revived YT Mob

Squamish racer joins '21 EWS champ to head into first Enduro World Cup

Squamish’s Kasper Woolley has a new high-profile teammate. The young Canadian will race with 2021 EWS champion Jack Moir at the revived YT Mob for 2023. This comes after a few year’s racing beside Richie Rude, another EWS champ at Yeti-Fox Factory Racing.

Having fast teammates seems to help. Woolley launched himself to several pro men’s Enduro World Series top-10 finishes in 2021. While 2022 was an incredibly unlucky year for the Squamish racer, Woolley is back on a new bike and building into the 2023 season.

Woolley getting comfortable on his new YT. Photo: YT Industries

Headlining the revived YT Mob is Jack Moir. The 2021 EWS champion left Canyon at the end of last year. Now, he’ll bring his experience to the other German direct-to-consumer brand, YT Industries, as he heads into the first enduro World Cup season.

“I love what YT has built. They’re not like other brands and remind me of what mountain biking is all about… Good Times!” says Moir. “They’ve created an enduro program that offers the team all the support we need from every possible angle. We even have the freedom to choose our components, so we can use whatever parts we feel maximize our potential.”

Textor, Moir and Woolley scope a line. Photo: YT Industries

Moir, Woolley, and Christian Textor are the first enduro athletes to race for YT. While the brand is new to the discipline, the all-star line-up shows its not stepping in halfway. It’s the first time YT’s fielded the “Mob” since 2021. The new look is a broader take on team dynamics than the original World Cup downhill team, including freeride, downhill and, now, enduro.

And Moir executes. Photo: YT Industries

“I‘m incredibly pumped to redefine the MOB and bring it to the next level. Since we founded the MOB in 2016, it was always our goal to run not only our DH program under this umbrella but all our riders from all disciplines. The whole family! How a real mob should be,” said YT Industries founder and CVO Markus Flossman. “Returning to racing at the highest level means a lot to me, and I can‘t wait until the season starts. It‘s our chance to prove once again that our bikes are not only made for hitting big freeride stuff but capable of winning the most important races.”

YT Mob’s enduro trio. Photo: YT Industries

To do that, Flossman is allowing his athletes an unusual freedom. All riders on the YT Mob are allowed to choose what parts they race on. “Our riders can spec their bike based on performance and are not forced to run stuff just because of sponsorship, so nothing holds them back from performing at their best.”

The full 2023 YT Mob Roster is: Jack Moir, Christian Textor, Kasper Woolley, Oisin O’Callaghan, Sian A’Hern, Erik Fedko, Graham Agassiz, Dylan Stark, Ethan Nell, Bienvenido Alba, Dakoda Osusky, Josh Lowe, Brett Tippie, Brooke Anderson, Emma Olfosson, Ace Hayden, Anthony Napolitan, Erik Irmisch, Johann Potgieter, Manuel Lettenbichler, Lennox Zimmerman, Peter Jamison, Brandon Wilson, Will Easey, Luis Blattner, Maxima Jaax, Timo Pries, Cameron Bragg, Julian Voytilla, Kael Foale, Sami Sauri.