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Jackson Goldstone is growing up in “This is Home”

Shredding since he was on a strider, Squamish youth is already plotting out his next steps

Jackson Goldstone This is Home Photo by: Shimano YouTube

Jackson Goldstone started his “career” started in an unusual way. A strider bike video he made went viral, launching him into the public consciousness. Since then, it’s been a steady upward trajectory for the young Canadian.

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Where do you go from massive internet fame, and an already impressive list of contest appearances?

Intent on constantly challenging himself, and pushing his riding, Goldstone is aiming for the racecourse. The plan for next year is to take on World Cup downhill racing as a junior rider.

Jackson Goldstone – This Is Home

More on Jackson Goldstone from Shimano:

Many mountain bike athletes start their careers early, honing skills well before the first signs of adolescence. Then there’s Jackson Goldstone. The Squamish, B.C. youth shot to stardom in 2010 when a homemade video of him riding, jumping, dropping, and spinning his balance bike on the way to kindergarten went viral. Since then, Jackson has risen to the top tiers of the sport, already demonstrating a signature style in mountain bike films and competing on the international stage, shoulder to shoulder with some of the best racers and freeriders in the world.

Talent has played a large part in Jackson’s extraordinary riding ability, but so has his hometown of Squamish. With one of the most densely packed trail networks on the planet right outside his door, Jackson can challenge himself in any mountain biking discipline he chooses, every day of the year. Whether whipping out jump lines with his friends or pinning long, rugged downhill descents to eclipse his personal record, Jackson always rides to have fun. He thinks you should, too.

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