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Jesse Melamed’s Canyon Enduro World Cup race bike

Plus: Behind the scenes with the Canadian in Tasmania

enduro world cup pro bikes jesse melamed Photo by: Jesse Melamed / YouTube

When Jesse Melamed made his first appearance for Canyon CLLCTV at the Tasmanian Enduro World Cup rounds, his race bike was a Canyon Spectral. The German brand’s trail bike is definitely race-worthy, but it isn’t its enduro-specific bike. That would be the Strive.

A couple of months later, Enduro World Cup racing is shifting to Europe and Melamed has moved over to the shape-shifting enduro specialist. Before that happens, take deep dive into how the Canadian set up his Spectral for the first two races in Tasmania, and why he opted for the Spectral over the bigger Strive. Melamed’s known for being really into the details of his gear selection, so this isn’t your average bike check.

Jesse Melamed: Canyon Spectral Bike Check

How did the racing go? Well, it was a little spicier than expected, and not for the expected reasons. But by race two, he was back on the podium. Discovery Sports, the new Enduro World Cup broadcaster, followed the reigning champion through the first two races of the season. Check out the behind the scenes look at what when down in Tasmania.

Behind the scenes with Jesse Melamed in Tasmania

What’s the World Series say about Melamed’s Enduro World Cup racing?

Hop on board and go behind the scenes with Jesse and the Canyon CLLCTV MTB team as they take on the first two rounds of the UCI Moutain Bike Enduro World Cups in Maydena and Derby, Tasmania ??

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