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Kilian Bron in “Outdoor Synchrony” is every kind of extreme

All the unneverving outdoor activities crammed together in one video

Kilian Bron Photo by: Commencal Bikes

Dramatic music! A guy jumping off a cliff! Wingsuits! Kilian Bron riding on the edge of a very large cliff!

Outdoor Synchrony has all of this, and more. It’s not just adrenaline-fuelled extreme-ness, though. Bron’s latest epic film project wants to show off all the Alps, and mountains everywhere have to offer.

There’s more to mountains than mountain biking, it turns out.

Bron brings all of his extreme sport friends together – surfers, snowboarders, and so many more – for a wild ride that is as beautiful as it is palm-sweat-inducing. The most epic of action sports montages! Would you expect any less from the man who rode his mountain bike down an Italian Via Ferrata?

Kilian Broon – Outdoor Synchrony

What does Commencal have to say about Outdoor Synchrony?

“A crazy descent with Kilian Bron and friends from speed flying, wingsuit, trail running and many more disciplines… Above all, mountain biking, but also sharing moments in time and incredible landscapes in the heart of the Alps.”

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Antony Newton – Highline / BASE jump
Soul Flyers – Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen – Wingsuit
Victor Daviet – Snowboard
Scott Cheminal – Hydrofoil
Baptiste Hagnere – Rock Climbing
Michel Lanne – Trail Running
Valentin Delluc and Ugo Gerola – Speed Flying
Director: Kilian Bron
Film/Edit: Pierre Henni
Sound Edit: Keith White
FPV Drone: Pierre Dupont / Cinematic Flow
Additional Filming: Valentin Birand, Maxime Rambaud and Steve Robert