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Glacial caves and cliff edges: Kilian Bron’s unreal “Switzerland Paradise”

Riding the unexpected and near-impossible around some of Europe's highest peaks

Kilian Bron’s creativity knows no bounds. After scaling an active volcano and riding through the otherworldly geography of Turkey, you would think the freerider must be running out of ideas for new places to ride. I mean, what’s left?

Well, in Switzerland Paradise, Bron again finds new ways to astound. Riding on, and through a glacier, cliff edges that are barely a bar-width wide, and so much more.

As ever with Bron’s riding, it is better to be seen than described. Watch Switzerland Paradise for yourself and catch some of the most distinctive riding we’ve ever seen.

Kilian Bron – Switzerland Paradise

Directed by: Kilian Bron & Mathieu Ruffray
Film: Mathieu Ruffray – Pango Visual
Drone FPV: Cinematic Flow
Edit: Mathieu Ruffray – Pango Visual
Music & Sound Edit:
Fakear – Out Of Reach
Tristan Barton – Life Force