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Knolly releases Tyaughton hardtail in titanium and steel

Two options for your hard-core hardtail

Knolly Tyaughton Photo by: Brayden Rastad

After decades of building full suspension mountain bikes for B.C., Knolly is releasing not one, but two new hardtails.

Technically, both are called the Tyaughton. But the new 29″ bike comes in titanium or steel and uses different tubing and design for both.

Knolly Tyaughton
Photo: Brayden Rastad

Knolly Tyaughton: Two bikes, one purpose

Knolly’s new hardtail follows shortly after the B.C. brand’s first gravel bike, the Cache. Knolly used that experience, and their long history making North Shore-tough full suspension bikes, to create the Tyaughton. The mountain bike is designed around the option of a 150-mm or 160-mm travel fork. That travel is mixed with a progressive geometry and Knolly’s tradition of highly engineered and top quality tubing.

The Tyaughton is designed to balance technical climbing skills needed to enjoy riding Knolly’s local trails and geometry that will make descending fun in a wide range of terrain. While the bike definitely tends towards the more aggressive end of mountain biking, the highly capable bike also aims to be an all-around, do everything bike.

Knolly Tyaughton
Photo: Brayden Rastad

As its name implies, named after B.C.’s iconoic South Chilcotin back country riding area, the Tyaughton is intended to be as comfortable for long days of riding as it is for after work local rides. A head tube angle sits at 64.5-degrees (or 64 with a 160mm fork), making it capable without being to raked out to climb comfortably.

A 75-degree seat tube balances between a forward riding position and providing a position that doesn’t push rider weight onto the bars so much that it creates extra fatigue on long rides. The Tyaughton combines a longer reach with 427mm chainstays, for a mix of stability and maneuverability.

Knolly Tyaughton
Photo: Brayden Rastad

Two materials: Titanium or steel

Throughout the design process, Knolly knew the plan was to introduce two distinct models of the new hardtail. One designed around steel and the other around titanium tubing.

Why? the two traditional frame materials offer distinct advantages. Durability and price or weight and and uncompromising ride quality.

Knolly Tyaughton Steel

The Tyaughton Steel uses hardened steel, with heat treated butted tubes for durability and weight at a better price point. Tubes are size-specific – so each size uses its own custom tube set. Knolly’s steel tubing is ED coated for corrosion resistance and powder coated for a long-lasting design. It’s a blend of affordability and performance in a highly durable frame.

Knolly Tyaughton Titanium

The Tyaughton Titanium aims for the best possible design, cost aside. Titanium is lighter, stronger and has a premium ride quality. The tubing also allows for improved frame features along with the weight savings of the fancier material.

Knolly uses a proprietary oversized titanium tube set with tapered, butted, bent and formed tubes designed to maximize the material’s potential. Similarly to the steel version, the Tyaughton Titanium uses size-specific tubing to ensure all riders get the same experience from this high-end hardtail.

Both frames use a custom head tube shape, designed around the ability to support 170-mm travel forks, and custom CNC machined dropouts, yokes and, on the titanum frame, access ports for cable routing.

Knolly Tyaughton
Photo: Brayden Rastad

Knolly Tyaughton: Pricing and availability

Knolly Tyaughton Steel comes in four sizes in steel or titanium. The Tyaughton Steel frame comes in Container Red or 510 Green and starts from USD$3,600 or USD$1,100 for the frame only. The Tyaughton Steel starts from USD$6,100 for a complete bike or USD$3,000 for just the frame. Both are available through Knolly or a local dealer.