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Lea Davison will lead Sho-Air Twenty20 toward Tokyo

U.S. under 23 national champion joins American Olympian on new cross country team

Lea Davison
American Olympic cross country mountain biker Lea Davison will be racing for a new team in 2019. Davison, twice a world championships medallist, will lead the new mountain bike division of Sho-Air Twenty20 racing.

Joining Davison on the new wing of Sho-Air Twenty20 is U.S. under-23 national champion Savilia Blunk.

Savilia Blunk
Under 23 national champion Savilia Blunk moves to Sho-Air Twenty20 with Davison. Image: Kenny Wehn

While Twenty20 has had off-road athletes in the past, the new expansion of the program’s existing cycling program is targeting the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

“I am completely thrilled to lead the Sho-Air Twenty20 mountain bike division,” said Davison of her new home. “Our goals align perfectly. I am working really hard towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics; this team is centered on Olympic aspirations.”

Lea Davison
Image: Lea Davison by Michal Cervany

The expansion is partially a result of the increased support of Sho-Air International for the team. With the company stepping up its involvement in Sho-Air Twenty20, an Olympic track mountain bike program was the next logical step.

“Scott Tedro and Sho-Air has been instrumental in putting energy and life into high level mountain bike racing in the United States over the last decade,” Davison said of her new sponsor. “I feel very grateful that Sho-Air and Team Twenty-20 is giving me the opportunity to get after my goals and high aspirations in the sport. It’s extremely encouraging and motivating when someone really believes in you.”

Tedro has been sponsoring the U.S. Cup series, the highest level of cross country racing south of the border, for a decade now. As it enters it’s 10th year in 2019, the U.S. Cup series remains the best domestic opportunity of U.S. athletes, and many Canadian racers, to earn valuable UCI points.

Davison and Blunk will race a full World Cup calendar along with several U.S. Cup stops and the Bear Mountain Canada Cup in Victoria, B.C.

A long-time Clif Pro athlete, Davison moved to Sho-Air Twenty20 when Clif Pro team decided to restructure late last season. After focusing on international-level women’s cycling for years, the team has pivoted towards domestic racing and expanded to support a men’s roster.

In addition to her achievements in international racing, Davison also co-founded Little Bellas, along with her sister Sabra Davison and Agela Irvine. Little Bellas encourages young female riders to engage with mountain biking.

Like Sho-Air Twenty20’s other cycling disciplines, Davison and Blunk will race on Felt bikes in 2019.