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Leatt dives in with re-vamped HydraDri wet-weather gear

Mono Suit, monsoon-ready boots and more standard waterproof gear

Photo by: Leatt

Hot off of a 2023 Design and Innovation award, Leatt is re-launching and revamping its HydraDri mountain bike collection. HydraDri is the South African company’s own take on wet-weather gear. The new line is defined as much by smart design as it is by the exclusive fabric, though, with distinctive features that set HydraDri apart from other waterproof options.

Leatt Mono Suit HydraDri 5.0, 3.0 and Jr.

The most distinctive single item is easily Leatt’s Mono Suit. The waterproof onsie is likely more weatherproofing than most riders will ever need but, for those that can make use of it, it is a truly impressive piece of equipment. Our test suit just landed at the office and, while it hasn’t made it to the woods just yet, we’re already impressed with the fit and quality of design on the monsoon-ready Mono Suit.

The one-piece hooded Mono Suit is set to take on the worst weather, whether that is early (or late) season bike park laps or wet winter shuttles, it is the best chance of staying dry and comfortable all day. To do so, it combines HydraDri material with a suite of smart features.

HydraDri comes in three levels

The Mono Suit 5.0 uses Leatt’s 30,000mm/30,000mgs waterproof breathable HydraDri fabric while the 3.0 and Junior Mono Suit use 10,000/10,000 HydraDri material. All Mono Suits add a hood designed to fit over any helmet, Aquaguard zippers, taped seams and soft-velcro on the ankles and wrests. There are zippered ventilation ports on the legs, chest and back to manage temperature, while a waist belt and, in the 5.0, suspenders keep the Mono Suit sitting just right.

The Mono Suit is the HydraDri release that earned Leatt its ’23 Design and Innovation award, and its easy to see why. In addition to all of those features, there’s a simple clasp and strap at the chest that lets you ride with the suit open without it flapping around in the wind. Smart and simple.

HydraDri individual pieces

If you’re not in need of a full Mono Suit, Leatt does offer its HydraDri material in jackets, pants and shorts at various levels of waterproofing and breathability.

HydraDri 5.0 pants, shorts and jacket use Leatt’s HydraDri Max membrane, with a four-way stretch fit and 30,000/30,000. For less extreme weather, the jacket also comes in a 4.0 version, with HydraDri EVO 20,000/20,000 material and 2.0, with 10,000/10,000 material.

Leat Mono Suits start at USD 300 while the Jackets start at USD 150. HydraDri 5.0 pants are USD220 while the 5.0 shorts are USD 170.

HydraDri 7.0 Shoe

All the waterproofing is for naught if your feet are soaking wet and uncomfortable all day. For rainy days, or the day after rain, Leatt offers the 10k/10k waterproof HydraDri 7.0  shoe. A fully taped outer shell and waterproof zippers keep your toes toasty and dry. Leatt’s RideGrip Pro Rubber in a waffle grip pattern (inverted from the previous generation to provide more grip) keep this shoe connected to the pedals in the worst weather.

Leatt only offers the HydraDri shoe in a flat pedal design for now. These wet-weather shoes run for USD 190.

Leatt 2023 MTB HydraDri