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“Loam and Gravel Society” try aMTB on Vancouver Island

Just how hard is adaptive mountain biking?

Photo by: Old Man Mountain

How hard is adaptive mountain biking? Loam and Gravel Society web series decides to find out. To do so, they head to Vancouver Island and the expansive trails of Cumberland, B.C.

The fourth episode of Old Man Mountain Rack’s web series introduces new hosts, Karl Kroll and Rachael Sawyer. They head to Cumberland to meet up with Gene Wey and Dave Sagal.

aMTB riders get ready to ride.
Heading into the trails in Cumberland, B.C. Photo: OMM

Both experienced aMTB riders (Sagal’s even raced aMTB downhill at the Dunbar Summer Series), Wey and Sagal show off how the Bowhead Reach changes their riding, and its use beyond the trails. Then they give Kroll and Sawyer a lesson on how to ride – or how hard it is to ride – an aMTB.

Tune in to Ep.4 of Loam and Gravel Society below.

Loam and Gravel  Society Ep.4 – Gene and Dave

What’s Old Man Mountain say about this fourth episode?

Introducing Karl and Rachael, our new co-presidents, stepping in after finishing their tour of the Americas. For their first episode, they cross the border to Victoria B.C., [Ed. Uh, Cumberland, B.C.] to ride with some Bowhead Corp athletes, Gene and Dave, and try riding their adaptive bikes.

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