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Max McCulloch showcases incredibly technical climbing in “50% Up”

Who ever said climbing your bike is boring?

Max McCulloch NOBL Photo by: Photo: Max McCulloch

Max McCulloch grew up riding in Victoria’s Hartland trail network. While the temperate climate makes year-round riding possible, the notoriously slow and technical trails really make you earn your turns.

With no shuttle roads or easy climbs, McCulloch learned to love the climbs as much as the descents. Or at least dislike the climbs less.

In 50% Up, McCulloch shows off some serious technical riding skills, climbing rocks many people would think twice about riding down. The Victoria-based rider and filmer definitely enjoys the descents, of course. But it is great to see a video show both sides of the sport.

Even more impressive? With COVID keeping riders apart, McCulloch made 50% Up entirely self-shot!

Max McCulloch – 50% Up

More from Max McCulloch:

“Growing up, the main trail network I rode was one of those places that really punished you on the climbs. If you didn’t have a certain level of fitness and technical climbing ability, it was pretty hard to enjoy many of the trails. After years of frustration, I learned to love it. Cleaning a new uphill section for the first time is incredibly rewarding, as well as pushing yourself technically and physically. In my opinion, if 50% of the riding you’re doing is going to be uphill, you might as well try to enjoy it! That being said, I still love the downs and it’s definitely a lot easier to make them look exciting on video.

In the spirit of social distancing, NOBL and I have collaborated on a self-shot series of videos. Stay tuned for the second one released next month!”

Max McCulloch Felt NOBL
Max’s do-everything Felt Edict FRD. Photo: Max McCulloch