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MET Veleno MIPS aims to span categories

One helmet to rule them all?

Gravel, road, cross country, trail: we’re constantly being told riding bikes has splintered into an expanding list of subset of disciplines. But do you really need different equipment for every different kind of bike? MET doesn’t think so. It’s latest helmet, the Veleno MIPS is designed to work across several kinds of riding.

MET designed the Veleno MIPS by taking the best elements of helmets from several disciplines, from road to trail riding, and combining them into one, easily adaptable helmet. For those getting into the sport, or anyone who doesn’t want a closet full of helmets for different types of rides, the Veleno is a welcome option to simplify their equipment options.


MET focuses on five design elements for the Veleno: coverage, adjustability, ventilation, comfort and safety. A removable visor uses invisible anchor clips to keep the helmet looking clean in for both drop bar and flat bar riding. Sure, visors vs. no visor is mostly a fashion point, but having a helmet that looks at home on any bike is absolutely a plus.

A full wrap design keeps all the easily damaged EPS surfaces covered, especially in off-road conditions, while extended back and temple coverage adds more practical coverage for any use beyond road riding.

Ventilation is always important, and the Veleno MIPS uses 26 air vents to channel air and maximize flow through the helmet. There’s also two vent ports dedicated to securely holding sunglasses when they’re not on your face.

MET uses its Safe-T Upsilon retention system, with a 360-degree head belt, for a secure and comfortable fit. The system is designed to avoid pressure points no matter what shape your head is.

Marrotte rides the Veleno off road and on. Photo: MET

The Veleno MIPS uses the new MIPS-C2 brain protection system to help protect against concussion by diminishing the effect of rotational impacts. The MIPS system attaches between the EPS and Veleno’s comfort padding, making for a safe and comfortable fit.

MET also offers a non-MIPS version of the Veleno.

MET Veleno MIPS and Veleno are expected to be available in mid-November, 2021.

MET Veleno

• MET Veleno Mips: $199
• MET Veleno: $159

• Weight M size (MIPS): 300g
• Weight M size (non MIPS): 275g
• Sizes: S (52-56cm) | M (56-58cm) | L (58-61cm)