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Micayla Gatto hits B.C.’s best in ‘On the Road’

Web series takes in Vancouver Island and the best lesser-known locations in the province's southwest

Photo by: Diamondback YouTube

Micayla Gatto has ridden and raced her bike all over the world but, for On the Road, the Canadian is focusing her attention closer to home.

The Vancouver, B.C. rider’s new web series hones in on some of her home province’s lesser-known riding destinations. While the North Shore and Whistler are internationally renowned, there’s so much more riding to discover. Join in with Gatto and friends for a tour of the best trails just off the beaten path.

On the Road with Micayla Gatto: Part 1 – Vedder

Whistler is an iconic global mountain bike destination. But, just beyond the Whistler Bike Park and Valley Trails, there’s a wealth of lesser known networks and trails. Just far enough off the beaten path to require an extra effort to discover and ride.

On the Road with Micayla Gatto: Part 2 – North of Whistler

After exploring the mainland, Gatto heads over to Vancouver Island to wrap up the On the Road series. Cumberland and Courtenay sit in the middle of the island. While the two towns are close, barely separated by one highway, they have enough trails to take up two full episodes. Bring on the wet roots and slick rocks!

On the Road with Micayla Gatto: Part 3 – Cumberland

On the Road with Micayla Gatto: Part 4 – Courtenay